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Jyoti Sethi Unboxing "Classic Swag Box " from "The Swag World"


Hey everyone, we all know that one subscription box is never enough for us while having this thought I came to know about “ @the_swagworld ” . The Swag World has six (6) varieties of jewelry subscription boxes. Yes, you heard it right, Six varieties of jewelry subscription boxes with six different budgets and of course the amazing services.

There are times when we want a little sparkle in our lives but don’t wanna collect too much of jewelry pieces The Swag World has Mini Swag box .which comprises of two jewelry pieces #miniswagbox#theswagworld #theswagbox

With the concept of "More" than "less" and "Less than "More" they have Princess Swag Box For all the ladies who are in a dilemma whether to have jewelry or not, this box comprises of three (3) jewelry pieces.#princessswagbox #theswagworld#theswagbox

Everyone likes bonuses, even the princess too and with this thought Princess Swag Box with a bonus came into existence which comprises 3 pieces of jewelry plus a bonus gift the bonus gift can be anything from cosmetics, handbags, or even jewelry pieces. #swagboxwithabonus#theswagworld #theswagbox

Keeping it simple and basic they deliver 5 different jewelry pieces in "Classic Swag Box"#classicswagbox #theswagworld#theswagbox

The concept of Style My swag Box is the newest one for India so we have all the jewelry pieces but not for the outfit that we decided to wear for our special occasion. Even don't have enough time to hunt the market No worries they have "Style my Swag box" for your rescue. The box comprises of 4 jewelry specially selected for your particular outfit ( which you have emailed at It comprises of 4 jewelry pieces specially handpicked for your outfit according to your Swag Profile by their stylists.#stylemyswagbox #theswagworld#theswagbox

For all those who don't want the surprise elements of subscription boxes Curate your own Swag Box is their thing choose any 4 pieces and you get exactly what you want in your subscription box. #curateyourswagbox#theswagworld #theswagbox



Jyoti Sethi

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