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Princess Swag Box



So I was Super Excited about this Box and its one of the Best Jewelry Subscription Box. The Box is curated very well, Keeping in Mind what their customers want.
If you are Someone who Loves Accessories this Box is Perfect for you. They have 6 varieties of Monthly Subscription Box. Special Jewelry is Handpicked and Curated for All. They also have a Variety of Accessories that are displayed on their Website. Their website is Easy to Handle. They Deliver Products On Time.
The Best part is this month being my Birthday Month, I received a Special Accessory as well. Which is so Thoughtful of their team.
The 6 Swag Boxes are:-
1) Swag Box with a Bonus
Everyone Likes Bonuses, even princesses too. This Box is a Combination of Minimal Jewelry pieces like Ring, Earrings, Anklet and Bracelet, and many more. Especially Handpicked for you according to your Swag Profile to Keep your Swag High.
2) Mini Swag Box
There are times when we want Little Sparkle in our Lives But don’t want to collect too much of Jewelry pieces. Or sometimes we just want to try a small patch of the Services provided by the Company. So for us, they have  Mini Swag Box. The Mini Swag Box Comprises of Two Jewelry Pieces handpicked for us.
3) Classic Swag Box
The Swag World has a Variety of Jewelry Subscription Boxes, but along with all those varieties, they also want us to Enjoy the Basic Subscription box services. That's how their Classic Swag Box Originated. Keeping it Simple and Basic. Classic Swag Box contains 5 Different Jewelry Pieces.
4) Style My Swag Box
We have all the Jewelry pieces but not for the Outfit that we decided to wear and We don’t even have time to Hunt the Market and Don’t want the surprise elements of subscription boxes. Now we don’t have to worry because they have something called “Style my swag box” for our rescue. The Box comprises of 4 Jewelry Specially Selected for our Particular Outfit.
5) Princess Swag Box
“More” than “Less” and “Less” than “More” is what defines the Princess Swag Box. For all of us who are in a dilemma whether to have jewelry or not, this box is a combination of Minimal jewelry pieces Like Ring, Earrings, Anklet and Bracelet, and Many more. We can get any 3 pieces of jewelry specially handpicked for Us.
6) Curate your own Swag Box
If we don’t want the Jewelry Category they are sending we can Create Our Own Swag Box by selecting Any 4 Categories from the List and they will Deliver it to us.
Why Should You Get The Swag Box:-
1)Multiple Boxes to choose from According to the one we Like.
2)Their website is easy to handle and they deliver products on time.
3)They are always there to help the customer and understand what the customer wants.
4)It is a Perfect Box for gifting it to your Sister, Bestie, or Girlfriend.
5)The Products Come well Packed with all the Details Given in the Box with Confetti and Sparkles.
6)A Personal Message is Sent to Each of Us who receives this Box.
7)A large variety of accessories to choose from.
8)We can even buy single pcs accessories from their website.
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