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Pairing accessories with little blue dress

The blue colour is quite calm, noble and loved by many designers. The great thing about this colour is that it suits absolutely everything. it's like a second black. 

➡When wearing bright colours outfit always match them with neutrals. Neutrals like gold, silver or bronze give an elegant look.

➡This cobalt blue dress colour is such that it suits every skin tone very well.

➡When you are opting for a day look.... this lacy blue dress goes well with gold, black, blue or even turquoise colour.

➡ Navy blue is one of the classiest and most timeless colours ever. 

➡A navy blue dress, whether short or long, suits every body type. 

➡Accessorize it with funky jewellery, attention-grabbing shoes, or other fashion accessories that fit your lifestyle to add an eye-catching sparkle to this elegant hue.


Bracelet with a gold-tone with the turquoise stones just looks a classy delicate jewellery piece. This look goes good for the night look.

➡while pairing the earrings you can choose some delicate and elegant earpiece. Not so heavy but still able to highlight your ears.

➡The bluestone earrings look a perfect match to the lacy blue dress.

➡Rock this look for a night party and just Keep Your Swag High !!

Love you all.