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Floral Swag box

Want to feel like a princess on your special day? Floral jewelry can make you feel special and unique, just as you are! Fresh flowers or rose flower jewelry can add to the charm of your special as well as casual occasions. Flowers have been a part of holy ceremonies in India. Jaimala or love garlands commemorate weddings. In hawans or poojas, flowers are used as an offering to deities. Additionally, there are a couple of things that could only come with sporting floral jewelry! But that, not the only thing we have for you in the floral box, we have got a Patti, thread jewelry, floral and many more. We deliver 4 jewelry pieces specially handpicked for you according to your Swag Profile to Keep your swag high on your special day. #floralwagbox #theswagworld #theswagbox


1 Month

₹ 1865


upto 20%
1499 Per Month
No Bonus
4 Swags
Shipping Charges

    3 Month

    ₹ 5599

    ₹ 4299  

    upto 23%
    1433 Per Month
    1 Free Swag
    18 Swags
    Free Shipping

      6 Month

      ₹ 11199


      upto 25%
      1399 Per Month
      2 Free Swag
      36 Swags
      Free Shipping

        12 MONTHS

        ₹23399 / per month

        ₹ 15999  

        upto 30%
        1333 Per Month
        4 Free Swag
        72 Swags
        Free Shipping